Shell Recharge (The New Motion)

Anyone already create a binding for this?

If not, can someone post a “quick start” how to build a binding and access this API easily?



I’m unaware of such a binding yet. There’s a binding for the Go-eCharger and support for various car vendors (BMW, Tesla, etc.) but nothing that supports Shell that I can see.

Exactly, I couldn’t find anything either. Hence my other question: “If not, can someone post a “quick start” how to build a binding and access this API easily?”.

I posted a link to the docs for developing for OH. That’s your quick start guide.

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Thanks Rich, I missed that link.

Turns out the shell recharge API is less usable than I had hoped. It doesn’t work (even though I follow the steps in the doc) and may also be for B2B only. I have done some additional digging and it looks like there’s a Homey and HASS app for this. So still slightly hoping someone has experience in converting either the Homey or HASS app into something usable for OpenHAB?

Homey app

Homey community topic:

Homey app code which may be of use:

HASS topic:

Node RED code:



Ran into the same problem with the Honeywell Residio APIs. I could only get it to work randomly and I finally gave up.

Unfortunately your choices are:

  • extract and make a separate little Python script using that code (see the myriad X2mqtt projects, e.g. zigbee2mqtt)
  • rewrite it in Java
  • since the Homy code is written in JS, it might prove close enough to modify into openHAB rules using the JS Scripting add-on. It’ll probably need to be taken apart and restructured since OH rules are event driven. But that might be less of a lift than translating it to another programming language.

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