Shelly 1 - Control natural gas boiler

Hi,hello all, this is my very first post.

I bought the shelly 1 together with the H&T with the goal to control my boiler (ROCA Victoria 20/20F) but after many hours searching I’m not able to perform the correct wiring.

I would like to have the shelly 1 to control my natural gas boiler by receiving the shelly H&T commands.

Can please someone help?

This is the wiring for the original thermostat (pag 9):…murale-a-gas-VICTORIA.pdf

Many thanks in advance!!

I am not qualified, and if you are in any doubt, please check with a qualified gas technician in your country before undertaking any work, however…

I think that the small wire loop marked “TA” in image 2 is what you are needing. Remove this small link wire, and run one connector into the “I” connector on the Shelly 1, and the other into “O” on the Shelly 1.

Then, apply power into L and N on the Shelly 1.

Thank you.
and what about the “sw” connection? Should I leave it open?

Thank you in advance,

You should really read the Shelly instructions, then work out if you want an external physical switch or not.

Thank you rossko57.

No, the idea is to have the shelly 1 to be “controlled” by the information received by the Shelly H&T, automatically without human interference.

The idea is to have the H&T in the living room, and if temperature is bellow 19ºC then send the trigger signal to the shelly 1, to activate the boiler.

Then you don’t need the SW terminal for anything.

(Personally I would at least have a hidden ‘test’ pushbutton. If your WiFi password gets messed up, you’re going to get cold)

Hello Rossko & Garry,

Many thanks for the help!
It is working now. Is as simple as you guys explained.