Shelly 1 - Directly in an outdoor garden wall socket πŸŽ›[always on]

Can Shelly one be integrated into an outdoor garden wall socket which does not have any switch and is always live?

Will appreciate if someone can share a wire diagram for the same. Thanks in advance!

Yes, if there is space behind the socket for the shelly to fit. Just make to kill the power and verify before touching.

Here is link to a wiring diagram for a switch. [SOLVED] Shelly1 - Inside Light πŸ’‘ fixture

This one will be more for what your doing with a socket as there is no switch. [SOLVED] Shelly1 - Inside Light πŸ’‘ fixture

Let me know if you need further explanation on how to connect the wires. Also I would use an extension cord to power the Shelly near the location to verify it has a good wifi connection (make sure it’s not out of range before going thru the install hassle).

I’m not aware of a rating for outdoor use, so I guess NO, it’s not allowed.

Most outdoor socket housings are made to be weather proof so check the one you have is in good shape and you should be fine.