Shelly 1 setup with embedded MQTT broker

Ok I am a real newbie. I have bought some Shelly1s and work of couse great with the app. I have changed the to mqtt to use them with openhab. I am trying with the embedded MQTT broker but i am having no luck. I have tried everything that I have read but nothing seems to work. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. My wife is getting tired of me on the computer and swearing all of the time. :wink:

Are you using PaperUI or files for setting up MQTT?


Yes for files or PaperUI?

Here is a link showing a setup with shelly and using files.

Sorry I didi not read it all. I am trying to use PaperUI. I thought it would be easier for me.

That’s the general consensus, but I’m hardheaded and prefer files.:laughing:

And I wanted to use the embedded MQTT broker

Have you read this

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Yes I did but I will go through it again. Maybe I will try with Mosquito as well. Thanks!!

Have you found a solution?
I’m also having trouble getting this to work. Since I’m new to MQTT I don’t really know where I’m failing. How can I check wich link in the chain that are broken?

I think I’ve setup my embedded broker alright, but I really have no clue :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m running OH 2.4 stable on a win 10 laptop.

No I not. I am going to redo my whole setup this time with raspberry pi. Let’s see if I can get it working.