Shelly 1PM - Wirings

Hi guys!

I have just bought a Shelly 1PM and trying to figure out the correct wiring - do you think you can give me a hand? :slight_smile: I have drawn here what is my current schema:

I have also uploaded a picture of the back of my light switch, which hopefully will confirm what I have drawn.

After reading a lot about it and discussing with some people, I have come up with this drawing, which considers the Shelly:

Would you mind having a look and let me know whether it is correct? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the external links but I cannot upload more than 1 picture as a new member… :frowning:

Tks a lot!

See if this post helps:

Hi @H102, tks for replying! I’ve checked this post but I guess my setup is a little bit different. TBH, my main concerns are related to the live wires, because they are originally doing a loop on my switch and just wondering what is the correct way to do it, once I have the Shelly installed. I had some feedback that I should add a new terminal block, but just wanted to have a second opinion. :slight_smile:

The drawing looks fine but what is the IN OUT part in the drawing? Is this just where the wires enter and leave the box?

Here is another drawing I found, much cleaner than mine. :upside_down_face: Not in English but False (L) in the hot wire.


This one looks a bit different than your drawing so hope it helps.