Shelly 1v3 does not work

Hi Guys,

i´m having two shelly 1v3 here and huge troubles with these.
I wanted to test these two before implementing them in my flat so i connected L and N to the main power and measured if there is voltage on the input - which indeed was 230volts.

So i waited for the wifi hotspot to come up, but this never happened. I started googleling/troubleshooting and found a few articles about to reset the shelly over the sw input (switch 5 times) which i did, but it changed nothing. I also noticed that the relay was not moving so i tried to measure the resistance between INPUT and OUTPUT while putting 230 volts on the SW input - this confirmed that the relay does not move/switch.

I also opened the shelly and checked if the voltage jumper pin is set correctly.

The strange thing is that this behaviour happens on both shellys. - am i missing something / did you also encoutered similar shelly issues?