[Shelly 2.5] How to check if the roller shutter is currently moving

I am new in openHab community so maybe my question is easy for most of you, but I didn’t find the answer yet :frowning:

I have roller shutters connected to the Shelly 2.5 and before I send the command UP/DOWN I would like to check if the roller shutter is currently moving.
The reason is to avoid send command UP when the current movement is DOWN and opposite.

Thank you very much in advance for each advice!


Rollershutter Items don’t have an “is moving” state so I don’t think there is an easy way to do this. I think your best bet is to see how often the Shelly reports the position of the RS while it is moving. Then create a Rule that triggers whenever the Item changes state. In the Rule set another Item to ON to indicated that the RS is moving. Then set a Timer to set it back to OFF after just a little longer than the Shelly’s usual reporting time. If a change in the Item occurs when a Timer is already set, reschedule the Timer.

Thanks @rlkoshak for your answer.
This prompted me a slightly different idea. I think RS possition is not updated as long as RS is moving, so I will set a dummy Item to ON whenever RS changes state and will set it back to OFF when RS possition is changed.
What do you think?

Right - RS position is not updated during movement, just at stop.
But you can check power consumption. If > 0 W = moving.

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I think both your idea and Igor’s idea are worth pursuing.

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Yes, it was my idea at the beggining, but as I can see the power consumption is updated with small delay ~1 - 1,5 sec., so still there is a chance (even by mistake) to push button with opposite direction :frowning: I would like to avoid it :slight_smile: