Shelly 2.5 no value for device temperature


I have integrated a shelly 2.5 as rollershutter with the shelly binding into OH (version 2.5.4) and it is working fine.
Now i want to display as well the device temperature but i did see any value.

I have configured the items according to the shelly binding documentation:

Number temprollad   "Device Temperature"  {channel="shelly:shelly25-roller:8caab505b2a3:device#innerTemp"}

I had a look at the logs (event & openhab) but no values seen. For the device channel i see only the following attributes: uptime , wifiSignal.

Any ideas why it is not working ?


Hi Heiko,

I do not know why but for me is this working:

Number Shelly_Balcony_InternalTemp "Balcony temperature [%.0f °C]" <new_alert> {channel="shelly:shelly1pm:Balcony:device#internalTemp"}

So for me it is named ‘internalTemp’. Could you please try it?

Hi Anna,

I changed the name to internalTemp and now it is working.

Thanks a lot.