Shelly 2 Dimmer - Control the brightness

Hello all,
sorry for that newbie question …

I have bought a Shelly 2 Dimmer, and want to control the brightness and read the temperature via OpenHab.

You can find the MQTT documentation of the Shelly here:

According to this, I can read the brightness via /light/0 with attribute brightness.
`GET /light/0

“ison”: false,
“has_timer”: false,
“timer_started”: 0,
“timer_duration”: 0,
“timer_remaining”: 0,
“mode”: “white”,
“brightness”: 50

MQTT State Topic is shellies/shellydimmer2-xx/light/0/ and this is not working, because the attribute is missing.
Where can I add these?

Thanks a lot

Ensure the JSONPath Transformation service is installed, then use this for Incoming Value Transformations (assuming you’re using PaperUI)


If you’re using files, add


to your Thing Channel.

Ahhh perfect you are right, the reporting is working now.

Last question, openHab shows me now the brightness as following:
14.14141414141414141414141414141414 %

What can i do to cut before the dot?


State presentation.

What are you using to view this number?

This number represents the brightness. I configured at the shelly gui a brightness level of 15%, but at OpenHab it is represented as 14.141414%

How are you viewing this number in openHAB? PaperUI, BasicUI/sitemap, HABPanel?

Primarily I’m usung HabPanel, but for debug options sometimes PaperUI

To control the presentation of Item values, use the [state presentation] option embedded in the Item’s label definition.

"My dimmer text [%.0f %%]"

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