Shelly 2 PM PLUS not discovered by Shelly bindings

Does someone have Shelly 2 PM PLUS that is discovered by Shelly bindings? The Shelly 2 PM PLUS is in the network and can be reach the relative web server via IP address but if I click scan on the Shelly bridge is not discovered. With other Shelly devices works. If is not possible to discover someone know how to configure it?
Thank you!

I think it would help if you could let us know which OH version you use.

Check Shelly - Bindings | openHAB ( which currently is linked to OH 3.4.0M4 ).
OH 3.3.0 seems not to list Shelly 2 PLUS PM

I have openHAB 3.3.0. Sorry I don’t understand, I have to update to OH 3.4 to solve the issue?
Thank you.

openHAB 3.4 is not released yet. The “Plus” devices are still in development. You can use a Milestone release, but the integration is not stable yet. Check out the Shelly main thread communication…

Ok, thank you for your answer. Sorry a little question. I have openhabian. If I want to update the system to OA 3.4 when relased, I have to use the openhabian.config menu? Thank you and regards.