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I have been using my set-up with openHAB successfully for several years. Unfortunately after updating to openHAB / openhabian 3.3.0 I encounter serious issues with my Shelly’s (Shelly Binding). I use different shelly’s e.g. 1, 1PM, 2.5 etc. to trigger actions in other bindings which used to work more or less in “real time” ever since. However after updating to openHAB 3.3.0 this works with a huge time delay and the state of the Shelly’s is only changed in openHAB (according the log) when the Shelly is polled by the “heartbeat”, so with a delay of up to 30 seconds. When I restart the raspberry pi 4 it works again fine for a few minutes but then the behaviour is back as described above. Does anybody have an idea on how to fix that?

As it is now openHAB is useless for me.

In the German openHAB Facebook group users reported the same issue and they suggest me to downgrade to a previous version e.g. 3.2. Where can I download 3.2 and how to install it without a lot of configuration?

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Have you tried reinstalling the binding? I have had other bindings act up after upgrading and were solved my reinstalling them but I don’t use Shelly so don’t have input on that one. You can downgrade my including the version number in ssh (or terminal if on the device itself). Replace x with whatever version you were last on. As I use openHAB on a mini pc I am not sure if there is anything else needed for openHabian installs.

sudo apt-get install openhab=3.x.x

Edit to say use this instead for openHabian

sudo openhabian-config

then go to openHAB related

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Thank you Josh for your help. I downgraded to 3.2.0-1 with the cmd mentioned by you above. The downgrade worked but however, I did not manage to set all up correctly. So I am using again version 3.3.0 and now issued a bug report as I do not want to spend too much time to downgrade and reconfigure 3.2.0. So hopefully, the issue will be fixed at some point. In future I will be more vigilent before updating a (perfectly) running system…