Shelly Beta with Plus/Pro and BLU Support


Shelly Binding for Allterco Shelly devices

The Shelly Binding integrates the Allterco Shelly Devices. It supports

  • Generation 1 (Shelly 1 etc.)
  • Shelly Plus series (Gen 2+3)
  • Shelly Plus Mini series (Gen 2+3)
  • Shelly Pro series (Gen 2+3)
  • Shelly BLU series


  • Auto Discovery of connected Shelly devices (Gen 1, Plus/Pro, Plus Mini and BLU series)
  • Provide a lot of status data (relay status, power meter, sensor values)
  • Some internal device information like wifi strength or internal device temp
  • Event trigger, e.g. for pushed buttons
  • Control functions like relay output on/off
  • Shelly Manager for device configuration and firmware upgrades
  • Using a Shelly Plus/Pro as gateway for Shelly BLU devices
  • Range Extender Mode with Plus/Pro
  • Support for Shelly Sensor Aden

Shelly Manager

The binding has a build in device management - nothing fancy, but helpful. For example it includes a OTA proxy, which allows you to use your openHAB system as proxy between the Internet and the Shelly device when downloading firmware updates. This allows to separate the device completely from the Internet. Support is currently limited to Gen1 devices, because the is currently no Plus/Pro firmware archive.

Click here for an overview.

Open Shelly Manager in the browser, use http://<openHAB IP>/shelly/manager


Check the README to get all information how to setup and discover your Shelly devices. It also has detailed information on supported channels.

Also check out additional use cases for Avdanced Users. Happy to receive more feedback and examples you would like to share with the community.


Click on the link to get release notes.

You need to remove an installed Shelly binding, before installing the beta
openHAB 3 is now longer supported, 4.1 and 4.2 are outdated

Check here for known issues.


Bugs and Feature Requests can be created here, or post them in the Community Thread.

Feedback is always welcome (do not hesitate to tell if it works !) Share your experiences, creative work or problems in the). Also ideas and contributions are welcome. There is so much you could help with:

  • Testing with all devices and all setup types
  • Description of more use cases so others benefit from your work
  • Maybe some nice widgets for Main UI

DEV Builds

You need to remove an installed Shelly binding, before installing the beta

Make sure to read the READMEbeta before installting DEV builds.

Manual installation (CurrentDevelopment Builds - for advanced users only):

  1. open OH console and run “feature:install openhab-transport-coap”
  2. and then copy the binding jar to the adding folder


Click on the Install button if you want to get the regular 4.x beta version.


Additional Resources


Awesome! I don’t have pro/plus devices but I just got 4 Shelly 2.5s for my shutters and your binding will come in handy!
Thank you!

The version included with the official distro already includes full support for Shelly 2.5, this version here mainly has in addition support for Plus/Pro devices, but also bugfixes for Gen 1 devices.
Thanks for using the binding :slight_smile:

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Sorry, but I get errors trying to install the binding.
“Installation of add-on marketplace:139554 failed”.
I update/upgraded Openhab and Java to latest version. But the problem remains. After googling a lot, I could not find a solution.

What errors ? Shall we guess ?


same here … :frowning:

Did install Californium Soap and copied org.openhab.binding.shelly-3.4.0M3-SNAPSHOT.jar to the admins-folder …

But the binding did not appear UI->Things>“+” (no entry to scan for new shelly).

Did I miss something?


@hmerk Thanks for prompt reply.
I wrote the error message in the 2nd line. → “Installation of add-on marketplace:139554 failed”

Sorry but I’m not an advanced user. So give me a hint where I can get more useful information.

BR, Moikus

And also trying to execute from local memory via terminal is not working.

This is not supposed to work.

Did you follow the correct steps ?


open OH console and run “feature:install openhab-transport-coap”

Then download the correct binding .jar to your addons folder.
I guess automatic installation fails cause there are two versions listed.

Thanks for quick reply. I followed your steps.
Automatic installation failed again. What to do next?
And is it necessary to uninstall standard shelly binding? (I think so^^)
And where can I find the ‘correct steps’?

Of course, you first need to uninstall the old binding version.

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Dear Mark, thanks also for prompt reply.
I added the following to /addons:

And tried to install via Openhab web frontend

I just saw, I need to upgrade to Milestone3.4.0.M4

No, you don‘t, there is a version shown working with openHAB 3.3 !

And please, don‘t try to install from marketplace after adding the .jar file to your addons folder. This is not necessary and will produce errors.

You can check if the correct binding is running by entering


on openHAB console.

Hello everyone, unfortunately I also get an error message when starting the binding.
I think you need to update the Californium packages. After much googling, I can’t find a way to do it.
Is there a guide on how to install the binding?

how shall I install the .jar from addons folder?

Just drop it there, openHAB will get it automatically. Please keep in mind, those bindings never show up as installed in the UI.

I do experience the same issue “Installation of add-on marketplace:139554 failed” unfortunately In not very experienced and I can’t solve the issue. I am also not able to download the binding

I hope to get some hints
Thank you in advanced

How to install in December 2022:

Connect via PuTTy (or something similar) via SSH to your system. Type in

sudo openhabian-config

Navigate to “40 | openHAB Related” select then " | openHAB Milestone" and let the install finish. After upgrading to your Milestone (currently 3.4.0 M5) type following:

ssh -p 8101 openhab@localhost

“habopen” should be the standard password. Type in:

feature:install openhab-transport-coap

Download the add-on using this link:

Place it in the add-ons folder.

sudo systemctl restart openhab.service

wait for the openhab service to restart and start a scan using the Shelly Binding.
Note: You have to uninstall your Shelly-binding beforehand.