Shelly Binding - GU10 RGBW Spot

Hey @markus7017
I just added my Gu 10 RGBW Spot and have a couple of observations with the Binding.

  • There is no channel for overall Off / On in whatever mode the spot is. For Color and White I have to individually turn off and first know (e.g. in a rule) which one is actually the active one. The Shelly app has a control for overall PowerOn (last mode) / PowerOff

  • The channels for Effects has Effects that do not exist in the App and they also don’t do anything then via Openhab. Some are also Mislabeled e.g selecting Breath starts Flash and also shows Flash in the shelly app when selected via openhab

  • Effects also only work when the Spot is in Color Mode and do nothing when in White mode

  • In general switching between Color and White mode feels not seamless

Maybe I also totally misunderstood something
Would like to get feedback here.

From the app

This is not an issue with the binding. According to the design of openHAB, ON/OFF commands can be send to the brightness channel of the device. This is how all bindings (should) handle switching a dimmable light ON/OFF.

The might not exist in the app, but do exist in the API, otherwise it would not have been implemented.

openHAB is not remoddeling the device App, but communicating with the device API. It might be that the original App has a certain functionality built in, that needs some kind of a special logic.

I know that. The issue is that there is individual Dimmer Channels for.color.and.white.
And you have to Turn eg First White to 0 or Off before using color.
Makes it clunky.

Would be nice but the device Shows No reaction or a wrong one … If I select Breath in Openhab the Shelly Apps captures that Change and Shows that Flash is Started. When I select Flash in the Channel in openhab it does nothing .

I know that. Just thought it helps how the Shelly App was Designed with eg a possibility to Switch the device Off completely. In OH I would Need to set the correct Dimmer to Off.

to add here

after a reboot of openhab the thing suddenly had a new channel (why will probably stay openhab mystery forever) and actually now has exactly that generic power toggle