Shelly Binding Roller Event

Hey all!

I’m using lamella shutters controlled by Shelly2.5 in roller mode. Because I like to control the tilt angle of the lamellas, I’d like to do the following:

  1. Set rollercontrol to 100
    –> shutters are moving down
  2. Have a rule which detects if shutters stopped and then open and close 1% according the last direction to tilt the lamellas.

I have a working solution with:


//-- Store Essen 1
Rollershutter		Shutter1_RollerControl					"Roller control (0=open, 100=closed))"						(gSHELLY_Storen_Innen_Control)		{channel="shelly:shelly25-roller:f40f30:roller#control"}
String				Shutter1_RollerControl_LastDirection	"Last roller direction"										(gSHELLY_Storen_Last_Direction)		{channel="shelly:shelly25-roller:f40f30:roller#lastDirection"}
Dimmer				Shutter1_RollerPos						"Roller position (100=open, 0=closed)"															{channel="shelly:shelly25-roller:f40f30:roller#rollerpos"}

//-- Store Essen 2
Rollershutter		Shutter2_RollerControl					"Roller control (0=open, 100=closed))"						(gSHELLY_Storen_Innen_Control)		{channel="shelly:shelly25-roller:10c8e2:roller#control"}
String				Shutter2_RollerControl_LastDirection	"Last roller direction"										(gSHELLY_Storen_Last_Direction)		{channel="shelly:shelly25-roller:10c8e2:roller#lastDirection"}
Dimmer				Shutter2_RollerPos						"Roller position (100=open, 0=closed)"															{channel="shelly:shelly25-roller:10c8e2:roller#rollerpos"}

//-- Store Wohnzimmer
Rollershutter		Shutter3_RollerControl					"Roller control (0=open, 100=closed))"						(gSHELLY_Storen_Innen_Control)		{channel="shelly:shelly25-roller:f40186:roller#control"}
String				Shutter3_RollerControl_LastDirection	"Last roller direction"										(gSHELLY_Storen_Last_Direction)		{channel="shelly:shelly25-roller:f40186:roller#lastDirection"}
Dimmer				Shutter3_RollerPos						"Roller position (100=open, 0=closed)"															{channel="shelly:shelly25-roller:f40186:roller#rollerpos"}


rule "Kippen Shutters"
 Item Shutter1_RollerPos changed or
 Item Shutter2_RollerPos changed or
 Item Shutter3_RollerPos changed
//Do the tilting of Lamellas

Problem with this solution is, that the roller#rollerpos channel is not updating right after the shutters stopped moving. It is updating after the “update intervall” (default 60sec) configured in the Thing properties.

Is there a way to get faster updates of the information that the shutter stopped?

I’ve tried also this:

rule "Shelly Event"
    Channel "shelly:shelly25-roller:f34aa0:roller#event" triggered
    logInfo("Shelly", "an event was detected")
//Do the tilting stuff

but nothing happend (I’ve reveived no logInfo in the logFile)

Can anyone support me on this? THX!