Shelly Binding - Shelly 2.5 timed automatic switch off notification in control panel not more working

Hello Markus Michels.

It seems that after update to OH 2.5.3-1 my Shelly 2.5 will not more notifyed as a time based Switch (Taster).
I have set my Shelly 2.5 (latest firmware) to a time based switch, with auto switch of after 0,3 sec.
In principial the Sehlly itself works, but the in the controlpanel from Paper UI it will not move back. (so it stays all the time as switch on)
This means, I switch it on in the control panel from paper UI (on Android or directly on a browser) and
it stay “on” an will not move automaticly back on the left to be off.
This happen only on my 2.5 Shelly. I have a Shelly1 for my frontdoor in usw with works perfect.
Differance is only the 2.5 and the 1 Shelly (and at least, automatic time for switch of 0,3 and 5 sec)

I added a screenshot to explain what I mean.

Any idea what could happend?


Normally PaperUI is not for control but configuration only. Create a sitemap with all your items, use BasicUI and see if the switch acts correctly.

It doens’t matter if I use the PaperUI control, or Habmin UI , oder Basic UI, all have the same issue which has worked until an couple of days ago!

Stop OH, clean the cache then after it fully restarted do 2 more restarts with time for OH to fully load between starts.

To clean cache:
sudo systemctl stop openhab2

sudo openhab-cli clean-cache

sudo systemctl start openhab2

For the restarts
sudo systemctl restart openhab2

Thanks for the Information.

It has been helped.