Shelly binding vs MQTT binding

Hello everyone. I’m a beginner with the domotics, particularly with openhab but I have a discrete knowing about informatics. So, I’ve decided to install an openhabian distribution on a Raspi4 B+ and everything works fine hence I’ve integrated some shellies in my system (shelly 1 & shelly 25). Nevertheless, I have a “stupid” question about the use of shelly binding vs mqtt binding. Actually, in my system I’m using MQTT after having used shelly binding but in Paper UI, I have all the items duplicated. I’ve got the ones from shelly binding and the same that comes from MQTT. So I would like to know if I can remove the shelly binding from my system or if, by removing it, I will have a system that will stop working.
Thanx in advance for your help.

You can remove the binding or even leave the binding installed and just remove the extra Things. Neither option should break anything.

Note that removing the binding will not remove the Things.

Shelly Binding vs MQTT, which one do you find works better?