Shelly Binding

I’m now on the latest DEV build with the latest firmware, but the issue is still the same.
I have updated like the readme (delete things/binding, copy dev etc…).

But when the dw2 is in sleep mode, the updates doesn’t works, only sometimes ?

In the shelly app and the browser the states workes fine.

Greets Stephan

@Stephan-Prem @Huaba ok, then

  • make sure you use the latest DEV build with firmware 1.8.3
  • and performed the calibration
  • enable DEBUG log on the OH console
  • provide a precise description of the problem
  • and the log output (enough lines) so I could check what’s going on

maybe we could fix this and it could go into the pending PR.

Same behavior with my DW2.
Also on latest DEV-Binding. Calibration was performed.
But my DW2 don’t show me a possible firmware update to 1.8.3. Only the 1.8.2 and an “beta” firmware.

Will provide a debug log and an description - maybe today (i’ll try to find time)

Thx for your work!

I have following item defined

Switch UG_Waschkueche_Taster "Waschküche Taster" (gTasterKeller) {channel="shelly:shelly1:8caab50558d3:relay#input"}

My expectation was does any push on the button set the item to on. but at the moment only the LONG_PRESSED set the item

If you want ON/OFF you need to set the button mode to Edge mode, otherwise check the button types in the Shelly App to find one matching your user case. The input channel reflects the state of the input at the relay and this depends on the selected button mode.

If i understood it right now, also a SHORT_PRESSED who switch the relay on, will set this input channel ?
At the moment only a LONG_PRESSED set it

No, those are independent

the xxx_PRESSED triggers are geberated depending on device type and button mode
In general only in momentary, momentary_release or detached mode

If the button is in edge mode (regular switch, not momentary) you‘ll not see any xxx_PRESSED triggers

The input channel represents the state on of relay input, not the output. What do you have connected to the input? Why are you expecting the input channel to change when you press the button (which is controlled by the button)?

fyi PR 8396 has been merged and will become part of 2.5.9 release version

  • new channel device#deviceName
  • new channel relay#outputName
  • relay#autoOn and relay#autoOff are now accepting UBM values (Number:Time)

hello markus,

unfortunately since the update i also have the problem that the input channel does not work anymore.
i used to use the shelly 2.5 on detached mode and switched the hue-lamp (zigbee) on and off with the input status via the wall button.
now i can’t get the input status anymore? maybe you can help me? thx!

i have installed all updates (shelly and binding)

i also still have this problem with the latest DEV version from 10.9.2020

@markus7017 whould be great if you could have a look at this… thx

Are you on the latest DEV build?
What‘s exactly not working?
Please provide a DEBUG log

Latest DEV build - README - Installation - Firmware Index - Firmware Archive - API Doc

I need to check the code. Keep in mind: This value is aggregated by the binding on a status poll (usually once a minute) not delivered by the device.

I think I found it, check the updated build

Latest DEV build - README - Installation - Firmware Index - Firmware Archive - API Doc

Great to hear that you found it, just updated to your latest build, will give a feedback tomorrow…

hi markus,
no, i am on 2.5.8.
since the update i am not able to receive the relay input status. i don’t know, where the problem is.

please verify with latest DEV build

Latest DEV build - README - Installation - Firmware Index - Firmware Archive - API Doc


I have Shelly 2.5 with bistable switches. When I turn on the light with the switch, turn off with openhab and click again the switch, nothing happens. By the second click it works. I have the problem since last firmware update.

Thanks for you help.

This sounds like you should check the configured button mode in the Shelly App

You could also try the latest DEV build

Latest DEV build - README - Installation - Firmware Index - Firmware Archive - API Doc

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Oh, sorry. It was stet to “toggle switch” instead of “Edge switch”. Sorry for that.

all good - No bug is a good feedback :slight_smile: