Shelly Binding

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In your Sitemap.
PaperUI is an administrative UI and not meant for controlling openHAB on a regular basis.

ok, thank for all the help.

hmerk, can you give me a bit more guidance. I am not sure what i need in sitemap, the icons are there but it does not display the numbers. the shelly H&T is sending the numbers, i can see them on MQTT.fx.

 Frame label="H&T Temperature"
           Text item=ShellyHtTemp
           Text item=ShellyHtHumidity
           Text item=ShellyHtBattery


I’m not sure of this, but try modifying your items like this:

Number ShellyHtTemp     "ShellyHT Temperature [%d]" <temperature> { mqtt="<[mymqtt:shellies/shellyht-123456/sensor/temperature:state:default]" }

So add [%d] in your label.

Thanks for all the help, added [%d], and also had to change “mymqtt” to “broker”, then it worked.

Hi there,

is there any progress on the Shelly binding? I’d be interested to test as well.
I had my Shellys 2 running over MQTT but don’t want to miss the cloud functionality.

Thank you.

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My guess is that such shelly binding will be a wrapper using MQTT, so even with this binding you will loose cloud function, right?

Hi Bart,

I was hoping for an implementation based on REST API. Currently I can still use MQTT even without a dedicated binding.


Use the openHAB cloud…

An implementation based on REST API will not get state updates automatically, so would be useless for sensor devices.
Therefore, only a COAP (CoIoT) based binding would make sense.

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Sorry, actually i have no time to develop on it. i’m writing a binding using COAP. If i have more time, i will upload a first alpha version.

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Hi All,

thank you for your response. It was my misunderstanding that this should work over REST API.
Nevertheless if sometime next a binding is available I would give it a try.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


@dyanko : Just out of curiosity, what shelly cloud functionality you do not want to miss?

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@bartsnijder: Hello Bart, I have the Alexa/Echo integration in mind. I know I could do this via OpenHab as well but then I have to use myonenhab as additional cloud component and this could be unreliable in my opinion, just too many clouds… Going this route I should rely on the fact that everything is always online and reachable. I already had some bad experience with IFTTT and iTEAD not working as expected.

As I sad this is just my personal opinion on the topic so please correct me if I am wrong.

PS: I like the Shelly App as well and OpenHab is currently used only for testing stuff. I have only few devices to control so a dedicated home automation server is just nice to have but not a necessity in my case.


I’m not sure what your end goal is but here is my view. If you only have Shelly devices, you can stick to Shelly cloud/app, they do a reasonable good job in adding functionality as time evolves. As you are experimenting with OpenHab my guess is that you want more than what stock-app is offering. You will soon find out that the possibilities in controlling your devices are much bigger with OpenHab (so OpenHab should be interesting regardless of the amount of IOT devices). I also noticed you mention Itead so you probably have some sonoff devices as well, which can be integrated in OpenHab same as shelly (MQTT).
You’re right about avoiding too many different clouds (and apps), but that’s the whole idea of OpenHab. When using the OpenHab cloud, theoretically you would not need the clouds anymore of the devices that are integrated in OpenHab (I say theoretically because I have not used the OpenHab cloud yet and do not know the performance).

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I know OpenHab for some time now and am aware of what it is capable of. I have used it before with my home theater devices and it performed good. The main use of OH is to integrate devices from different manufacturers and communication standards and offer control for them at one place. This is my goal as for anybody else using it, I suppose.
To be honest I haven’t configured OH to work with Alexa because it didn’t seem to be a straight forward process and I just don’t have the time to tinker with it. This is why I was hoping for a dedicated binding not using MQTT and the wish for keeping the cloud capability of Shelly devices.

Personally I would avoid mixing different controllers (cloud / local) but I see why you make your choices.

Something to think about… I guess the reason shelly does not allow MQTT and Cloud simultaneously is to avoid this mixing of controllers. Would such limitation not also hold for COAP??

Firmware settings don’t show any limitations for COAP.

Just asked on the Shelly forum. Seems to be a memory issue. MQTT seems to be very needy. COAP can run in parallel to Shelly cloud. So no multi controller item like opted by me…

Hi, thank you for your feedback. For now I will just stick to the current solution and try OpenHab with Alexa when I have some time for it. I will of course follow the topic here as well.