Shelly BLU Door/Window not reporting correct state

The device usually works fine. But sometime, it goes wrong.

Gives this in openHAB:

Under the hood

label: Dressingvenster
type: Contact
category: window
  - Dressingvenster
  - Shellyvensters_status
  - Status

It does have a live “heartbeat”:

I’ve got another Shelly BLU Door/Window connected to the same Shelly 1 Mini. I tried rebooting this Shelly 1 Mini from Shelly’s app, I tried disabling and re-enabling this Shelly 1 Mini in openHAB. I tried disabling and re-enabling both window sensors in openHAB.

I can’t reboot the window sensors, because I can’t reach the physical button for the moment.

But earlier this week, I had the same problem with another Shelly BLU Door/Window, and rebooting it didn’t do the trick. Then, disabling and re-enabling the Shelly Plus 1 PM it is connected to, worked. But now apparently, that’s not enough.

  1. Does anyone know of a fix?
  2. Does anyone recognize this problem?
  3. Should I report it somewhere (I suppose here (Issues · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub)?)
  4. Does anyone know of a way to be notified when things go south? I had hoped to work with the heartbeat, but apparently, they don’t indicate a problem…

Now I can’t re-enable the other sensor in openHAB:

I keep pressing the button on the sensor, but to no avail…

Eventually, the thing went online again. Maybe opening/closing the window was a trigger?

Badkamervenster now works as it should again… I tried the same with Dressingvenster. It also only got online again after closing or opening the window (I once again couldn’t reach the button). But unlike Badkamervenster, Dressingvenster doesn’t really come alive: it doesn’t record new state changes (or lux changes for that matter).

Maybe the problem is in the Javascript somewhere…?

I have similar behavior with Shelly Door Window 2, Shelly H&T. Currently I’m using 4.1.3, same behavior was in 4.1.2.
All other “power supply” shellies are nearly OK. But receiving state of shelly takes about 65 seconds.
I have replaced shelly H&Ts and Shelly Door Window 2 by MQTT/Zigbee devices.