Shelly Bulb Duo - BINDING

I cant figure out - is it possible at all to control shelly bulb duo with openhab shelly bindings fully - to turn on/off it?
For example in documentation:

  • There is no info about - how turn on/off using shelly binding.

Tried to do experiments based on other shelly devices which works fine with openhab shelly binding.

Thing shelly:shellybulbduo:shellybulbduo-*** "Shelly Bulb Duo" @ "Home" [deviceIp="", userId="", password=""]

Switch OFFICESTESTBULB_DUO "Office Test Light" <wallswitch> (citItem) ["Lighting"] {channel="shelly:shellybulbduo:***:light#power"}
Instead of :light i also used: relay, input, white… Nothing helped, changed also: #power to #control, #output… Nothing.

Is there some special specification about shelly bulb duo? What am i missing?
Any other device works fine with shelly binding - roller, relay… excpect this.

Maybe someone have example - how You manage to make it work with openhab shelly binding?

Thank you very much in advance!

Did you try the autodiscover instead of Thing/Item files ?
Is there any entry in the openhab.log or events.log file that gives a hint ?

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