Shelly Button 1 - no/unreliable events and triggers

I’m using OpenHAB 3.1 with a lot of Shelly devices, working fine.
Now I added a new Shelly Button 1, but the events do only work for some time after I restart OpenHAB or disable/enable the thing in OpenHAB. The rules for “received update” of the input or lastEvent are only called a few times and then not any more.
The same is true for the trigger rule. It works a few times, but then it’s not called any more.
This one is looking like this:

rule "Shelly Button 1 Schlafzimmer"
  Channel "shelly:shellybutton1:XXXXXX:status#button" triggered
  logInfo("Info", "Shelly Button 1 Schlafzimmer: Trigger: " + receivedEvent.toString())

The events.log does not contain any events from the Shelly Button 1 if the rules are not called any more.

The Shelly Button 1 is basically working fine, because using the Action URLs of the device itself is working 100% reliable.

Any help is much appreciated! :slight_smile:


Had the same problem with the trigger and found this to be more reliable:

Item GA_TorklingelButton_EventCount changed

where the item has been defined with the “eventCount” channel.

Hi Falk - thanks for this hint, but unfortunately this does not work much better here. I’m also missing the appropriate event messages inside the events.log file for the Shelly button 1.
All other Shelly devices are 100% reliable with the binding. The action URLs of the Shelly button 1 are also 100% reliable. My guess is, that it has something to do with the Shelly binding itself.