Shelly Door/window sensor Thing not displaying sensor channels

My Shelly Door/Window sensor is displaying only the device status channels (Alarm, Signal Strength, Uptime, …). It is not displaying the sensor channels (like state, lux, …).
Openhab and Shelly binding are at latest version 2.5.6. Current Shelly firmware version is v1.7.3/20200625-102424(2aa0993a).

Anyone has an idea ? Binding issue ?


Is there a Show More button in PaperUI? If so click it and see if the channels are there as some bindings require the show more button to see all channels.

No, only the device status channels are visible even with Show More.

Looks like this was added back in February.

Have you tried deleting the device then add it back? You can also set the log to DEBUG or TRACE via the console and see if there is any additional info that may help identify the problem.

If nothing in the logs you may want to open an issue on Github.

Deleting and adding back worked. Thanks !

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