Shelly EM writes continuously on Events log

The Shelly binding write on the event log file every change of power and voltage measured by my Shelly EM because voltage (than the measured power) continuosly fluctuates a few tenths of a volt to some volts. This means that my log files are full of power and voltage values. There’s a way to change this behavior?


Previous discussion.

Recent changes, so the binding version you are using would be relevant.

that‘s true, but I can‘t change that. The channels get updated on each device message, there is no way to suspress logging each time, this is done by the OH framework. I already have a cache, which suspresses updates when the value has changed. I implemented a filter, which skipped minor updates with the result that LED devices with low consumption received no updages anymore. So…?

So… only Shelly can help changing the firmware?

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Nope, the OH framework does the logging

If you don‘t want an update every 15sec you could disable CoIoT for this thing. This results in updates every 60sec (if value has changed in between)

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I am having the same issue (as is everybody using Shelly switches I guess). With about 10 Shelly switches in my home the Openhab event log gets spammed with every minor power consumption change (even changes of 0.02 W are reported). Is there a way to reduce the logging (switching offColoT did not help) or even completely disable non-error logs?