Shelly: from MQTT to shelly binding, refresh takes too long in sitemap

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i am using openhab 2.5.3-1, and i just installed the shelly binding v2.5.3.

Until now i used mqtt to control a light with a shelly1 device (which worked fine for a year now).

My new thing file:

Thing shelly:shelly1:32C605 "Shelly 1 SeF Office 02" @ "Δεύτερος όροφος" [deviceIp="", userId="", password=""]

My item file:

Switch Office02Light "Φώς" <light> (SeF_Office) ["Switchable"] { channel="shelly:shelly1:32C605:relay#output" }

Everything is working well from sitemap.

The problem is when i press the physical switch (in the wall), the light turns on immediately but the switch in the openhab sitemap takes around 20-25 seconds to refresh in the new light state.

Where do you thing is the problem?

You should enable CoIoT events in your thing config.

Thing shelly:shelly1:32C605 "Shelly 1 SeF Office 02" @ "Δεύτερος όροφος" [deviceIp="", userId="", password="", eventsCoIoT=true]

I did the change but unfortunately after some testing exactly the same behavior exists.

ok i got it working.

i factory reset the shelly1, after that i updated the firmware to 1.6.2, and i filled only the wifi information and left all the other settings unattached.
After that everything is working as expected.

Thank you Hans