Shelly HT - output temperature in °C at Basic UI

Hi to the community,

I am a new user of OpenHab. I have problem with displaying the temperature in the Basic UI in “°C”

Item defined as follows
Number Shelly “Temperatur” {channel=“shelly:shellyht:ae2a95:sensors#temperature”}

Sitemap entry defined as follows:
Default item=Shelly label=“Temperatur in °C”

Inserting [%1.f °C] into Item and/or Sitemap occurs displaying “ERR” on Basic UI.

What I am doing wrong? If more information needed, please let me know.

Define your item as Number:Temperature

Unfortunately, does not work.
LogViewer shows information below.
[ui.internal.items.ItemUIRegistryImpl] - Exception while formatting value ‘23.5 °C’ of item Shelly with format ‘%1.f’: Conversion = ‘1’

This shall work (you have dot in wrong place):

Number Shelly “Temperatur [%.1f °C]  ” {channel=“shelly:shellyht:ae2a95:sensors#temperature”}

/please tick solved if this is a solution/

Thank you RafalO. Small mistake big issue :wink:

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