Shelly motion detection SHMOS-01 doesn't work in OH3.4

After upgrading from OH3.3 to 3.4 the Shelly motion item does not respond to changes anymore.
All other items are updated (last motion, lux, illumination).
Motion detection works (MQTT).

I don’t clearly understand the question/problem. What do you mean by “the Shelly motion item does not respond to changes anymore”?

Here everything works as expected, with SHMOS-01 and SHMOS-02.
Just the time of the last motion has offset by 1 hour on SHMOS-01 (but not on SHMOS-02).



What is it you don’t understand? The Shelly motion channel stays off, that’s it. Only difference with the working status is the upgrade from OH3.3 to 3.4.

So the value for the channel is still OFF if there is a motion?
Delete the items and the thing, re-discover and link the channels again. As you can see in both screenshots above, is it working on OH 3.4.0 with official binding version (not the SNASPHOT version).
Label “Bewegung” is corresponding to the channel “sensors#motion” and has the value ON during the motion. Otherwise changes to OFF.

All done that. Got some error messages when linking/unlinking items:
An error occurred while creating the links: Bad Request
Some of the items could not be unlinked: Not Found

Next action will be a fresh install of OH3.4

Fresh install didn’t work. Replaced it with a z-wave model. No more Shelly.