Shelly plus 1 cannot get short-long or long-short button presses

I’m using the Shelly binding. My Shelly’s have arrived, and I’ve successfully configured them and receiving triggers.

I can receive short press, long press, double press, triple press. But I haven’t been able to get long-short or short-long to work. I had a plan for the semantics of that so it would be nice to get them to work.

Is there any specific documentation on this? Is this basically down to the device (and perhaps the device doesn’t even support identifying those?) or is it handled in the binding?

The events are defined by your device which you can see on your device‘s website.
Custom switch profiles long-shot and shot-long needs to be implemented by combining two separate events by a rule.

OK, interesting. The binding documentation suggested it supported long-short and short-long. I can manually do the logic if I think about it right.

I also notice that the Shelly 2 PM doesn’t appear to have a lastEvent channel for the second switch/relay. I’m assuming that’s a binding omission?

Sorry, my mistake. I checked my device and there is indeed a short-long and long-short event.
I checked the thing of a shelly i3. Short-long and long-short IS supported by the binding.

Coming back to your original problem. If you do a short-long press, is this event recognised by the shelly? This can be seen in the item „Last event“

No, but I may be pressing it wrong. How long is a short press and a long press? I’m generally finding I get either a short-short (double), or just the long, without the short before it.

You can set the timing in your device. By default a long press is between 800ms and 3 seconds.
The time for multipress is 500ms max.
But better check with your device.

Shelly 1 doesn’t support short long and long short presses.
I saw this just at Shelly i3. I didnt find another Shelly who supports this. Just i3.

Maybe Shelly plus 1 isnt supporting this too.

Ah, that may explain it. I’ll see if I can find documentation that says which devices do and don’t.

Funny thing. Looking at my logic, I don’t necessarily need the long-short or short-long. I can do a double press, then a long press, and it gives the same result already. Still would be kinda nice if it supported it. I figure the Shelly devices mostly have the same hardware, yet they seem to have quite some variation in what’s supported. That suggests to me that their software isn’t modular - so different devices get slightly different behaviour for no good reason.

Don’t think so as many Shellys have the same Firmware. I think the extended switch profiles are just a special extension for the i3.
Bad luck for us that I did the test on that device so that it was misleading.:grinning: