Shelly Plus devices, websocket and Openhab Docker

I can not get a Shelly PlusH&T sending status updates to openhab running in a container on a Raspi. I assume the outbound Websocket from the device does not get through to openhab in docker. Is there any specific docker configuration required to accept an incoming websocket communication?

thanks for your support

I’m having (I think) a similar issue. My Shelly PlusHT connects when it’s in setup mode and the web ui is reachable, but does not seem to update…or at least updates a couple times a day at most…when left on its own. I’m wondering if I need to change the websocket url from what the binding input:
ws:// with “Default TLS”
For what it’s worth, my OH install is running on host, and internal port 80 traffic is being redirected to OH.