Shelly RGB2 Color mode as part of semantic model

Hi together,

finally I took some time to integrate my shelly rgb2 in color mode and got it working using the following config:

Thing shelly:shellyrgbw2-color:814eca "Shelly_EG_Kueche_Arbeitsplattelinks" @ "zzz" [deviceIp="", userId="xxx", password="yyy", eventsCoIoT=true,brightnessAutoOn="false"]
Group            gShellyKuecheArbeitsplattelinks                        "Arbeitsplatte links"                                                 (gKueche)                                     ["LightStripe"]
Color            ShellyKuecheArbeitsplattelinksColorHsb                 "Farbe"                                                               (gShellyKuecheArbeitsplattelinks)             ["Control","Light"]        {channel="shelly:shellyrgbw2-color:814eca:color#hsb", listWidget="oh-colorpicker-item"[iconUseState=true, icon="light"]}
Dimmer           ShellyKuecheArbeitsplattelinksColorWhite               "Helligkeit Weiß"                                                     (gShellyKuecheArbeitsplattelinks)             ["Point","None"]           {channel="shelly:shellyrgbw2-color:814eca:color#white", listWidget="oh-slider-item"[min=0,max=100,step=1.0, scale=true,scaleSteps=5,releaseOnly=true,label=true]}
Dimmer           ShellyKuecheArbeitsplattelinksColorGain                "Helligkeit Farbe"                                                    (gShellyKuecheArbeitsplattelinks)             ["Point","None"]           {channel="shelly:shellyrgbw2-color:814eca:color#gain", listWidget="oh-slider-item"[min=0,max=100,step=1.0, scale=true,scaleSteps=5,releaseOnly=true,label=true]}
Switch           ShellyKuecheArbeitsplattelinksPower                    "Schalter"                                                            (gShellyKuecheArbeitsplattelinks)             ["Point","None"]           {channel="shelly:shellyrgbw2-color:814eca:control#power"}

It took me a while to find the docu for the color mode as it seams to be not part of the OH 3.3.0 documentation but the preview of 3.4.0.
What I am wondering is the switch control for the light: The Color item generates also a toggle switch. I do not like this, especially as it does not react to the status of the light at all. This is why I use the additional Switch item using the power channel from the control group. This additional switch items works for controlling and receiving the status (e.g. when toggling the physical button).
Having also a switch as part of the color item, I get also wrong counting of turned on lights within semantic model. I try already to get rid of this switch but failed so far.
Is there any reason for this switch? Do I oversee some good thoughts and think to complicate? Maybe life is easier than expected? :wink:

The root problem is that switch that is part of the color picker widget should work. A Color Item can be use as if it were a Switch, a Dimmer, or a Color. The widget is supposed to change to reflect the ON/OFF state of the Color Item without the need for an additional Switch Item.

The UI has no way to know whether that Color Item and Switch Item are for the same device. All it sees is two Items with the Light tag so it’s going to count them both. But the fact that it counts the Color Item as ON in the badge indicates that it knows the Color Item is ON.

You’ll probably have to file an issue because this looks like a bug. Search first to make sure it doesn’t already have an open issue or has already been fixed.

Maybe this is a Shelly issue?

I realized and got this fixed.

I also got a color picker without a switch via custom widget realized as I personally prefer separate controls anyhow and read some of your proposals by the way :wink:

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