Shelly RGBW2 Transition Timer

Hi. I’d like to have smooth transitions from one state (e.g. low brightness or off or red-color) to another ( high brightness, another color).

Currently, that is not “built-in”. Change color/brightness will do that “immediately”.
A workaround is to use OpenHab code and send a lot of http requests to each target-shelly with changing states (flooding the log etc).
Another approach (which I would prefer) is to have a transition timer built into the device. It is available in the Shelly dimmer, but not in the RGBW2.

I contacted the Shelly Support, but it seems this topic has not been added to the feature-list because people don’t think to need it.

How is it for you guys, don’t you need that?

If this thread becomes some love(likes), this might convince the developers@Shelly to add a transition timer to the feature list.

Best regards

I would sucgest to flash Tasmota on the device.
I think, Tasmota has this feature.

I also wrote to the Shelly team a longer time ago regarding this missing feature, since it is in my opinion an important feature which is currently not implemented in the RGBW2 firmware. But I think I they actually never sent an answer regarding this request to my ticket.
Well I still hope that this will get implemented in the future to further improve user experience.

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