Shelly Smart Plug [ALARM] item fails [OH4]

While adding a Smart Plug [Shelly Plus Plug US - All products - Products - Shelly] all the channels were successfully added using the Shelly binding except for this Alarm item, which requires a profile that isn’t available.

The ‘add equipment to model’ fails, and I believe it is because of this item with the issue.

The Shelly item is connected, with no web authentication, using the simple http api.
No advanced settings are configured, it is basically ‘vanilla’.

All other systems are go, except for this one:

Does anyone have any tips or ideas for what I am doing incorrectly?

Thank you

What do you mean that it is not available? You have to decide whether your item will receive an alarm string or a timestamp from the channel.
The channel you selected is a trigger. Rules can be started directly from triggering channels. Why do you need an item?

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Thanks @Oliver2
I have no idea what I’m doing - just fumbling my way forward.
The two options were greyed out, and I couldn’t proceed with adding equipment unless something was selected (which I couldn’t do), so I had to abort creating equipment and add all the other items the alternative route.

Thanks for your answer.

I see what you mean. There are currently a few bugs reported related to linking items to a channel.
Could you please check if your thing has a label and if not just provide any name and retry (see here)?

However, you do not need an item for a triggering channel. You can trigger a rule from a channel like this:

	Channel "shelly:shellyplug:xyz:device#alarm" triggered

thanks @Oliver2 - I’m smashed at work, but will try when I’m able.