Shelly status is not sent to KNX

Hello Community,
I have the following setup:
I have a shelly that turns on a light for me. I can also switch on the light directly at the Shelly. Furthermore, I can also switch on the light via KNX.
If I now switch the light via KNX or via OpenHAB, the status of the light is updated cleanly. However, if I use the switch that is connected directly to the Shelly, the status of the light is only correct in OpenHAB. However, the status change is not changed via KNX. How can I change this?

Here is my script:


#in KNX.things
Type switch-control : SKinderzimmer1 "Kinderzimmer 1 | Steckdose Nachttischt" [ga="24/6/59+24/6/159"]
#in shelly.things
Thing shelly:shelly1:SRelay3 "Shelly Nachttischlicht" @ "Kinderzimmer1" [deviceIp="123.456.789.1", userId="user", password="Geheim", eventsCoIoT=false]


Switch KNX_S_Kinderzimmer1 "Kinderzimmer 1 | Nachttischlampe[%s]" <light>{ channel="shelly:shelly1:SRelay3:relay#output", channel="knx:device:bridge:generic:SKinderzimmer1" }

Thank you for every hint.

Which GA is which?
As the channel is of type switch-control (correct!), the GA 24/6/59 is the status GA, while 24/6/159 is the GA which will send the command to openHAB. Keep in mind that openHAB will always use the first GA to send, may it be a command or a state.

Thank you Udo for pointing that out, but I am aware of that.
Everything works as far as it goes.
But when the switch on the Shelly is operated, the status is not sent to KNX via OpenHAB, i.e. “24/4/59” ON or OFF.

Would have been a nice solution… :wink:

As I don’t use the Shelly Binding: Are there any lines in the events.log, regarding actions at the shelly switch?