Shelly Uni - Input Channel not working correctly with Shelly Binding?


I’m using the Shelly binding to integrate a Shelly Uni. Basically this is working, e.g. I connected Items to the channels for WiFi signal and uptime etc. and I get the expected updates to these items.

Additionally I want to monitor the input channels of Shelly Uni. According to the documentation of the binding I configured the appropriate item for the input channel #1 like this:

Switch ShellyUni_Regentonne_Level1 "RT Level1" (gSwitches, gShelly, gRoomGartenbewaesserung)            {channel="shelly:shellyuni:xxxxx:relay1#input"} 

Problem is, that I get no updates for the ShellyUni_Regentonne_Level1 item.

But via the web-UI of the Shelly Uni itself I can see the updates according to the signals to channel #1 of the Shelly Uni.

Is it possible, that the binding is not working correctly for the input channels?
Anybody else with similar problems or somebody who found a solution?

(I’m using OpenHAB v3.4.1 and Shelly Uni with latest firmware)

Tested a bit more with this, final result:
It seems to work, but an update may take up to 1-2 minutes! I simply didn’t expect so long durations…

If I’m using the MQTT variant of the Shelly Uni and the MQTT binding, then the status of the input channels is updated in 1-2 seconds!

Maybe there is a chance to improve the Shelly binding in the future… :wink:

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