Shelly1 in stock in the US

For anyone in the US that’s been waiting for the Shelly1 to be available thru Amazon the wait is over.:fireworks: I just received a set and my first impression is WOW these things are small!

Two switches for $23.99 and free shipping.

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Could you post a picture of one of these in your hand for scale, please?
I want to make up my mind about ordering or not

@vzorglub I added an extra pic as hand size varies.:smile:

Two AAA batteries, key, tube of chap stick, tape measure, and a sonoff.


Thanks, yes that’s small

The wire connections are night and day compared to the Sonoff as well. Using 12 gauge solid copper is a good fit and connection is snug.

EDIT: I realized the depth is not so clear in the pic’s so I measured and found the Shelly to be 11/16 inch (.6875", 17.46mm) thick/deep.

Thanks for the heads up! I have two on the way. :grin:

I thought a banana was the universal item to use for scale on the internet. :grin: