Shelly2.5 binding - ROLLER_STOP

I`m missing something or i cant trigger event - ROLLER_STOP event on shelly bindings?
I created a thing:

Thing shelly:shelly25-roller:shellyswitch25-xxx “Shelly 25 Roller” @ “Home” [deviceIp=“x.x.x.x”, userId="", password=""]

After that created item:

Switch GREENHOUSEVENTILATION_ROLLER “Greenhouse ventilation” (citItem) [“Window”] {channel=“shelly:shelly25-roller:shellyswitch25-xxx:roller#control”}

And in sitemap added:

Switch item=GREENHOUSEVENTILATION_ROLLER mappings=[ON=“up”, STOP=“STOP”, OFF=“down”]

In documentation i see that there is event - ROLLER_STOP, but no luck to trigger that. Maybe i need other item type, or something?

Thanks in advance.

A Switch item does not support commands other than ON/OFF. What you need is a Rollershutter Item.

Great! Thanks a lot!