Did anyone already have a look at this device: ? I am especially intrigued about the Shelly2 switch, as it looks like the Sonoff wifi switches will stop being flashable via SonOTA without opening the case (which is a no-go for insurance purposes I think). I also don’t understand the EU certifications they are listing, does this have something to do with CE?

Looks very promising. Did you get one?

Nope. Just opening the Sonoffs up for now, as I have good experiences with them.

There is a youtube item about using the Shelly1 with Tasmota:
It looks especially interesting because you can put it in a switch mounting box behind your switch. Even for continental European boxes (if the box is deep enough.)
Also as what electrical security concerns it seems interesting because the relay switches both neutral and line.
Think i will buy one of these and see how it goes.

I took the plunge and have order 4 x Shelly1 OS, 2 x Shelly Smoke detectors and 3 x Shelly Pro4 relays…hoping that I will be able to integrate them in to OH some how (Shelly1 via TASMOTA) but not sure about the smokes and Pro4 DIN rail relay…

FYI, I now have the MQTT beta flashed on Shelly2 and its fantastic! I also started programming a REST based OH2 binding, but just trashed it again as its not even needed anymore ;-). See

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