Shenzhen Neo Door Sensor Not in Database

First time using OpenHab …
got a new Shenzhen Neo Door Sensor manage to add it to the network but not using it since the device is not on the zwave database
looking at the database there is an entery for "Door Sensor IN " by shenzhen with device refernce “0003:3082”.
my device referce is “0003:4082” as can be seen in the attributes field.
how can i use this device, can it be added to database
please advice



This device needs some cleanup too. If this device has the same command classes as the one you have (check both devices), then you can just add you device type:id to the db entry. Here are the instructions for gaining access…

Hmmm… our posts crossed. @sihui, should 477 be removed?

I’ve deleted that one and added the device type’s and id’s to this one:

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Done :grinning:

After the changes got merged into the binding (probably a couple of days) you need to upgrade to the latest 2.5 snapshot zwave binding (plenty of posts in this forum, please use the search).

Thanks can’t wait to try it…
Have some more stuff (motion detectors etc…) on the way, hope they are on the database

If not they easily can be added.