Shopping/grocery list ideas

Hi all,

have been searching the community without success for a shopping list widget or some examples/ideas that could be reused, no success so far.

My setup: an old iPad2 wall mounted at home running Habpanel. Openhab on my Android phone with cloud connector.
My goal: to be able to add grocery items from Habpanel at home (wall mounted iPad) and when in grocery store be able to check off or delete items (on Android phone) as I put them in my basket.

Has anyone done this? Please share ideas and/or code.

Somebody modified this app for another system.

My goal is to have something like this Ideas???

I thought you were considering something like this.

Grocy is absolutely amazing! Thank you linking to this. I started using it and even ordered a barcode scanner because I am so happy with the software. It’s also relatively easy to modify it to your own needs and maintains a Docker image for it.

As far as I can see, the only integration in Home Assistant is the frame content. This is easily done with the HABPanel or the Basic UI by adding a frame to the Grocy URL.

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If you like it really simple without sharing but don’t want to use an app, you can use these progressive web apps that run in the browser. They keep the state in the same browser, so you should create your shopping list on your mobile phone, if you will take that phone shopping with you:

If you would like to save the state on a server of yours, openHAB (and also Home Assistant) are not made for this Job. Managing and syncing a list has nothing to do with the automation or control of smart home devices. There is a reddit thread over at r/selfhosted: They discussed self-hosted, todo-list/shopping-list-like apps for running yourself.

EDIT: also

I hope that helps you on your journey :slight_smile:

To add a frame in HABPanel for Grocy, add a Frame widget on a panel page and set the static URL to the one you are hosting Grocy at:

To adda frame in Sitemap UIs like BasicUI or the Android and iOS Apps,


In both cases please replace “http://grocy” with the URL to your own Grocy installation.