Short iCloud Binding question

I use “find my friends” on my iphone and can see my family members (different AppleIDs).
Can I retrieve this data from my icloud or is this limited to the devices with the same AppleID?

To make it more clear:
I have setup my wife’s and my son’s phone to be in my “famliy”.
These have different AppleIDs but are associated wwith my ApplID to be in the same family.
I can see their phone’s location in the “find Friends” App

However, I have more family members which share their location with me.
I can see this in the web interface when opening “Find Friends”.
So I wonder, why these are not detectable in the iCloud binding.
(maybe in the future?)

dont know about find frindes but i can tell you that faimly devices are shown
so if you have apple family configred ,you will see all your family

you are right - thanks.

However other members (friends) I can see, when I log into my account (webbrowser), so this information should be available as well.

Is an expansion of this binding planned to integrate other devices than the “real” family devices?