Should I be able to run Openhab in docker network and Echo Dot in main network with Amazon Echo Control Binding

I can’t see any of my Echo Dot’s in OpenHab with Amazon Echo Control Binding I even tried adding them manually with Serial No without success.

So now I wonder do I have to run OpenHab in

network_mode: host

to be able to access Alexa devices in my main network with Amazon Echo Control Binding?

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As described in the documentation regarding docker, you should used the host network for several reasons. Mainly for getting auto discovery to work. If this also applies to the alexa skill, I’m not sure of.

Another solution would be to use macvlan interfaces with docker. The advantage is, that openHAB then appears with an own MAC and IP address on your lokal lan and can do whatever ip communication is necessary.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yeah I was also thinking on macvlan as an better alternative, but for a quick test maybe go with network host.

But my install getting more and more gritty so before I would screw it up I wanted
make sure that this binding requires it before I start redoing my setup so I don’t do it in vain.

It seams like I had screwed up the accounts for Alexa I was using the wrong one, which I have registered in some earlier labs :slight_smile:

So my conclusion it does not requires you to have your docker container in network_mode: host for this binding.

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