Show additional HTML page with Jetty server


I wanted to display a html page with svg’s.
But it does not work so far: 404 Not Found.
I created a folder “svggui” in /usr/share/openhab/webapps/static containing the html page as index.html.
like explained in this post:!topic/openhab/0PLC5yhXtyc
Owner is root. I also tried openhab as user with no effect.
I tried with different permissions, also no effect.

Has anyone any idea, how to solve this?


According to that link, you should put your svggui in the webapps folder, not the webapps/static folder.

What URL are you using to try and access it? If you put it in /usr/share/openhab/webapps/svggui you would access it in your browser with the URL http://<host of openhab server>:<port of openhab server>/svggui

This is how habmin works, for instance.

NOTE: if you are accessing it through you need to supply the index.html file or else all you will get is Cannot GET /habmin.

I’ve actually had intermittent success though accessing habmin through my.openhab so YMMV.

Great! Thanks, that did the trick!