Show dynamic light icon for Colorpicker

I like the way the icons can change in openhab, for example the “light” icon which can be off (grey) and on (yellow). This way I can quickly see which lights are on and off.
However, this only works when using a Switch on the sitemap. If using a Colorpicker, this does not work.

Item is defined as following:

Color                      LightLivingRoom                        "Light LivingRoom"         <light>`

Sitemap as such:

Switch item=LightLivingRoom
Default item=LightLivingRoom

On the screenshot you can see how it looks on the sitemap when the light is off. The Colorpicker icon is not correct unfortunately.

Both elements on the sitemap work and I can switch the light on/off and change the color. Is it possible to show the light on icon only if brightness of the colorpicker is > 0 and the light off icon when the brightness is 0?

I’m running openhab 3.4.0 on raspbian.