Show events in openhab2 console

When starting openhab2, I am not reveiving any events on the console, even when using the start_debug.bat (windows 10).
Is there an option to bring this back?

It is working well for me even without starting in DEBUG mode.
Please note you will have nothing during the first OH2 startup due to a bug.

thanks for the reply.
I have started OH2 now serveral times, still no output.
Also I have always to “confirm” two times that OH2 is putting some “things” into the registry.
This also never stops.

Of course, you will have first to define items like in OH 1.x.
And if you use OH2 bindings, you will have to link items to channels first.
Then you will see update of items in the logs.

This was clear and I have move the items files from my old location to the new location.

So conclude now, that the syntax in the binding part of an item definition needs an update.

You don’t need to update your item file if you still use 1.x bindings.
If you switch to a 2.0 binding, you will have either to update your item file to define the link with the channels or don’t change your item file and define these links using Paper UI.

Thanks again taking your time.
Very valualbe advises.

regards Martin

My understanding now is the following (and I have to admit and do not have the full picture yet):

I can determine whether I have a openhab 2 binding, by looking in the paper ui and seeing whether it has then “2.00-” extention (with the exception of the Sonos binding 0.8 but this binding is anyway hardly documented …)

If yes, then I have to go to and click on the related link there and find out from the documentation about the new syntax of the binding and replace the related part in the item defintion in the items file.

Do I have to add anything in the thing file und the thing folder?
Additionally I have to create a xxx.cfg in the service folder wheter xxx is the name of the binding.
(the later I find strange because an openhab 2 binding seems to know all those information via autodiscovery.)

Alternatively, if the thing and related channels are automatically discovered (openhab2), the I can (may?) also use the paper ui to activate the related channels. In doing so I have probably to delete those item in the item file. By doing this I am loosing the ability to use a text editor convienently (e.g. search and replace) for my item definition but having to use a Webui and I am getting two places to juggle arround with items. 1. the item file (for openhab 1 binding) and 2. the paper ui (for openhab 2).

It would be great, if I could avoid having to use the paper Ui for openhab 2 bindings because I love the ability to use an editor. This should be possible, if I am not using the paper ui to active channels???

As -almost- always, it’s in the wiki’s:


I was aware of those documentations. But this documentation is lacking too many details and as a user not being capable of digging into the java sources I have difficulties finding these out.

Reading my questions carefully you would realize that the documentation does not covering these important details.

I think you are trying to use OH2 different from what it is intended.
For example: not using a text editor to edit config files is one major step forward from OH1 to OH2.

You could be right but this is not intentionally and if true only due to lack of understanding on my side.
But I do not understand what you are refering to.

Also not using a text editor for conf files is currently pure theorie. The openhab 1. bindings prevail and I have not discovered an alternative to define items in these casea.

This was the point I was referring to:

From the original post it sounds like you want to see the log. Try log:display or log:tail at the karaf command line

@sihui. I guess we will have to wait for OPENHAB 10 until we do not need an editor anymore. Just think about the rules.

Thanks for the reply.
Do you know whether I can add this command to the start.bat (windows in my case), that I do not always have to enter is manually.

[quote=“martin_klimke, post:15, topic:7473, full:true”]
I guess we will have to wait for OPENHAB 10 until we do not need an editor anymore. [/quote]

That may be right :grinning:
But my approach is: with either OH version I am able to build a home automation system for the fraction of the cost of off the shelve systems.
So I’m not getting tired to read, read, read and read and make my system work with trial and error.
With this approach my OH 1.8.1 system (on a RPi) is working absolutely stable …
And sometimes, when I take a sneak view in the support forums of off the shelve systems, they seem to have similar problems.
So I guess OH is on a good way to be the best solution (for me).

Have fun and happy coding

@sihui. Same with me. Unfortunately still on the user level because I am not a Java guy (yet).

in the old days, it used to be the model railroad in the cellar, today it is homeautomation :wink:

I bought a Java book six months ago, it’s still dusting in the shelve … because I am to busy with OH … :heart_eyes:

yeah I don’t have anything populating in my console - whats happening???