Show item label on scenes configuration

Good morning,

I have a small question to the openHAB team. I am using openHAB for a while now, but now i where able to control my smarthome with it via KNX. Would it be possible to implement some code, that if you are configuring a scene, the items label is shown on the configuration page, so it`s easier to read them.

Short background:
I use an ID as item name, to be able to change the items assignment an info easier, as the part of the item, that can’t be changed in the future is generic and not item related. So with this configuration I am seeing only the ID, which is very hard to verify against an item, in the configuration of a scene.

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What configuration page? Are you referring to openHAB Scenes (as opposed to KNX scenes or some other config)?

I think both the Item name and the Item label need to be shown there because the Item label is not guaranteed to be unique and many leave equipment and location out of the labels (e.g. they might have five Items labeled “Temperature”). Completely switching to the label would just change who is impacted by this behavior and not actually solve it.

See How to file an Issue for instructions on how to create a feature request issue on the openhab-webuis repo.

Yes, I am referring to the openHAB Scenes.

There you are right, so it would be possible to implement something like this in the future? Or make it fully changable what you want to see on the configuration, name only, label only or both. Or also something else like tags or so.

All things are possible but the first step is to file a feature request. I don’t think it makes sense to be configurable. The Items should appear similarly to how they appear elsewhere in MainUI with the label in larger font and the Item name in smaller font under the label.