Show motion on a floor plan?

Does anyone have any ideas of how to visualise motion onto a floor plan of the house?
I’m thinking either see recent movement on the house plan or even bubbles on the plan showing the amount of movement detected over a period of time… More movement in a room shows a bigger bubble or possibly highlights the room in a darker colour.

I’ve already got PIR motion detectors in each room so those would be the source of the data.

I was actually thinking about this the other day when I was perusing some grafana plugins.

I saw one and thought it would be ideal to show presence data over a time period but wasn’t sure if my presence information would provide any real granularity over my house.

It has the benefit of being able to integrate with my influxdb and I already use grafana for other data visualisation.

Looks cool… But maybe a single home is too small for geo location data?

Yeah. I just figured i’d convert a floor plan into a grid which I associate to a gis compliant data set and ‘fake’ it.

It’s not a simple plug and play solution.

I have an image of the floorplan, which OH displays, and then a python script which OH calls when movement is detected which draws (or clears) red circles onto the floorplan. So not very sophisticated, but if eg my intruder alarm goes off, I can immediately see visually which sensors were tripped.

If anyone is interested I’m happy to share, provided you promise not to laugh at my extremely basic coding.

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Well as also shown on Smart Home Day last weekend, I’m using FIND for my inhouse tracking. They have a tiny map project, too, to translate this into GPS coordinates. These you can probably visualize with any of those GPS mapping tools to be found on the web.
There’s also an interesting list of pointers to similar systems in their FAQ.

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I can offer only the very basics: HABPanel based floor-plan with PIR motion sensors that change color (to red) when motion is detected)

Very nice results. Sorry for the noob question: what tool are you using to generate the simplified 3d model of the floor ?
Thanks you very much

I used AutoCAD. I had the floor plan in 2D from the architect and then I added height info on the wall sections, cleaned up all other stuff and got this result.

Thank you very much for the info. Unfortunately AutoCAD is too complex for my own use. Someone is able to suggest some other similar but simpler tools?



Thanks I’ll try it.

I used HomeStyler for that kind of stuff :slight_smile:

Showing a simple aerial view of the house and having the rooms change colour as motion occurs would be great! Possibly even having the colour get darker as more motion occurs overtime…