Show no data in my Chart Item


I have store my data in a mysql database and it works fine.
But there is no data in the Chart sitemap element:

The data are here in the database in the table Item1:

My sitemap is:

What could be the error?
Thank you!

Edit: I see your using mysql. What does your mysql.persist file look like?

Please post the definitions of your items.
You have not set the desired persistence to be used by the charts, that way you should have set the default persistence on PaperUI . Or you need to specify it in the chart definition.

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here the mysql.persist:

Strategies {
JedeMinute: “0 * * * * ?”
default = everyChange

Items {
eg_bz_temperatur: strategy = JedeMinute, restoreOnStartup
eg_bz_relfeuchtigkeit: strategy = JedeMinute, restoreOnStartup
eg_bz_tuer: strategy = everyChange

and here the items file

Group gEG

Number eg_bz_temperatur “Temperatur” <temperature> (gEG) [“EG Badezimmer Temperatur”] {channel=“mihome:sensor_weather_v1:158d0002374d63:temperature”}

Number eg_bz_relfeuchtigkeit “rel. Luftfeuchtigkeit” <humidity> (gEG) [“EG Badezimmer rel. Luftfeuchtigkeit”] {channel=“mihome:sensor_weather_v1:158d0002374d63:humidity”}

Contact eg_bz_tuer “Tür[%s]” <door-open> (gEG) [“EG Badezimmer Tür”] {channel=“mihome:sensor_magnet_aq2:158d000208e206:isOpen”}

And I have set this

Does the mysql.cfg file have correct user, password and pointing to the correct url, port…etc?

You did a check what is in the database directly, could you do the check using the REST API?
That way we could confirm that OH is able to pull data from your database.

Does the mysql.cfg file have correct user, password and pointing to the correct url, port…etc?

Yes! The writting to the mysql database works fine and correct. Only the reading to the chart don’t work.

My apologies then!
Best of Luck

could you do the check using the REST API?

I have read the doku to the REST API and have found this API call:

And I see, that he can read the values from the database.

Nevertheless, the values are not displayed in the chart !?

OK, with that!
I can spot no reason why the values should not be charted!
If you were charting both items as a group the used naming migth be a problem ("•When charting a group of item, make sure that every label is unique. If the label contains spaces, the first word of the label must be unique. Identical labels result in an empty chart.") However, you are not charting a Group!
You could try to remove one chart and see if it works that way, but that is fishing in the dark! Sorry, I’m out of clues.

I have found the reason!

Although, I set the default persist value in PaperUI …

… the parameter service=“mysql” in the sitemap file is need …

… then the charts are drawing:

In that case you probably have more then the mysql as a persistence service running.
Glad you got it working.:+1::+1: