Show rollershutter on home screen?

I have a Rollershutter in my items file, and when displayed via a Group declaration in the sitemap, it displays attractively with up, down and stop icons.

However, that means an extra tap to get to the screen showing the blinds group. How is it possible to display the rollershutter control on the home screen? I tried Switch which just showed a switch, and Rollershutter doesn’t seem to be supported in sitemap.


As long as you defined the rollershutter items similar to

Rollershutter Rollershutter_Item "Rollershutter [%s]"

, a simple

Switch item=Rollershutter_Item

should work as expected (at least it does for me).

Ah yes, sorry. I was referring to the rollershutters via a group name, which doesn’t work. Looking good now! Thank you.

You have set up an icon for your Blinds. Did you know, that openHAB uses standard icons depending on item type? So the icon for rollershutters will show a rollershutter (dynamically open, closed or partly closed) if you don’t set up an icon for the rollershutter at all.