Show StringItem value in sitemap

Hi @all,
I want to show the label and the value of a StringItem in my sitemap. label and icon aligned left, value aligned right and bold. But it doesn’t work. I have no other ideas.
btw: yes I search in the forum and yes, I found the workaround from 20to put the values in the label … but it isn’t a nice solution

sitemap rupp label="Rupp" {
	Frame label="Zentral" {
        	Text item=Temperature_outside icon="temperature"
		Text item=vvbg_teststring icon="text"
		Text item=vvbg_testnumber icon="text"
rule Test3
  Time cron "0 5 7,17,20,22 ? * * *"
	logInfo("vvbg_testnumber","Aktueller Wert: 12")
	vvbg_teststring.sendCommand(now.toString("dd.MM.yyyy' 'HH:mm"))
	logInfo("vvbg_teststring","Aktueller Wert: " + now.toString("dd.MM.yyyy' 'HH:mm"))
String			vvbg_teststring						"VvBG-TestString"
Number			vvbg_testnumber						"VvBG-TestNumber"


Some of that would depend on what UI you are using for the sitemap.

Hi Bruce, thx for response, I use PaperUI and iOS-App@openhabcloud

The Paper UI does not use a sitemap and is recommended only for administration.
The Basic UI, HABPAnel and the iOS App use sitemps, I believe.
What version of openHAB?

sorry, my mistake. of course: basic ui.
I use openhab2.5@synology

I am no sitemap expert but wanted to get information for others to assist.

well let’s see if anyone is interested in my problem and can help me. thx so far.

On the sitemap, the icon is always aligned to the right.

You really have no control over this. If you want to show the state of the Item in the label aligned to the left, you must use that “not very nice” work around or be satisfied with it being alighted to the right when you use [%s] to include the state in the label. Sitemaps are by design very simple. If you want full control over how everything is presented you need to use HABPanel or build something up from scratch.

This behavior is special for StringItems, for other items like my Temperature_outside it works.
Ok, then I now know that I don’t have to look for a “nice” solution anymore. Thank you.