Showing an calendar in OpenHAB?

I know there is the CalDAV binding for dragging calendar data into OpenHAB. Problem is that we as a family use microsoft and the service and that’s where our shared family calendar is… Now it looks like the service doesn’t support CalDAV so I;m trying to think of some other way of doing it so I can show our family calendar in OpenHAB…

From what I can tell all that is available is an RSS feed but I can’t see how to get this into OpenHAB.

Don’t suppose anyone has some bright ideas? I’m not able to develop something from scratch as my skills are a bit limited…

UPDATE : It does look like I can also publish a read only “ICS” feed too.

You can sync your calendar to a Google calendar and use CalDAV.

From some brief looking it appears MS disabled most if not all of the old ways to be able to embed the calendar into a website.

I have written an RSS binding for openHAB 2, but it is still not reviewed. But maybe you can try it out :slight_smile: -

there is an API but the registration process seems a bit over the top just for me to extract my own calendar data…

Did your RSS binding ever make it into openHAB 2?
I’m still trying to view my Outlook family calendar in OpenHAB.

Maybe now we could use the “graph” to get a lot more out of microsoft services including some calendar data?