Showing dynamic icons for temperature in floorplan

Hi together,

I need some help. I am currently using the UI functionalities and just wanna be sure that the current scenario is possible or not.

I want to use a dynamic icon in my floorplan to show different icons/colors for the different temperature levels.

temperature state is “21.60 °C”
I created an icon for it = myicon-20.svg
The icon should be orange, but instead only the default icon is shown = myicon.svg (gray)
Same for myicon-0.svg or myicon-25.svg if the value is above 25 or below 20.

The dynamic icons in the floorplan are working fine for my lights with the state ON or OFF.

Some ideas how to solve that problem?


Might be clues here -

Seem to have done the correct thing, assuming icon set is in /classic folder.

I’m not sure whether the UI or server iconpicker end deals with stripping off units for this purpose. It would certainly need to be a proper Number:Temperature type Item, not a string type.

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Sorry for that post, but I think it was just a stupid one. It is working with XX °C but because I used the yaml editor and not the ui editor, I forgot to set the option “iconUseState: true”. After setting that everything works fine.

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